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10 Types of Diamond Cuts

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Diamonds are elegant and last for a longer period of time. Therefore, every woman has a dream of buying a diamond and adds it to her jewelry collection. There are many factors to consider when buying a diamond. The most important factors to consider are clarity, color, carat, and cut. The cut of a diamond is an important thing to consider. The cut refers to the symmetry and proportion of the diamond. The beauty and elegance of a diamond depending on its cut. There are different types of cuts available in the market. The ten types of diamond cuts are:

  1. The round cut diamond: It is the most popular diamond cut. It was discovered in the year 1919. Most people prefer buying a diamond with this type of cut. It is an expensive diamond cut as compared to the other cuts. Most of the raw stone is removed to obtain this diamond cut. It sparkles beautifully because it reflects all the light that is passed through it.

  1. The princess cut: The princess cut diamond was created in 1980. It is the fanciest cut available. It is mainly used for creating engagement rings and it suits any style of fingers. It is less expensive than the round cut diamonds because it is easy to create a princess cut.

  1. Cushion cut: A cushion cut diamond is square in shape and has rounded corners. It is available for over 200 years. It gives a classic look and recently this cut has also become popular in the market. The appearance of this diamond cut is similar to a cushion hence it is named as cushion cut.

  1. Emerald cut: It is a unique cut and very few diamonds of this type of cut are available in the market. This type of diamond cut gives a distinct and vintage look. It looks larger than its original size due to its cut.

  1. The Asscher cut: It is similar to the emerald cut. It was created in 1902 by the Asscher brothers. This type of diamond cut was popular in the 1920s and can be seen in antique shops. Modern cutters have made modifications in the Asscher cut to enhance its brilliance.

  1. Radiant cut: Radian cut was popular in the 1980s. It is created by a combination of other two cuts the princess cut and the cushion cut. It is square in shape and has a brilliant cut surface pattern. It looks very beautiful because the modern radiant cut diamonds possess the brilliance of round diamonds and the elegance of emerald cut diamonds.

  1. Oval diamond: This diamond cut was made in 1960s. It is similar to the round diamonds but looks larger in size. It has the same brilliance like that of the round diamond. It looks beautiful in the hands with slender fingers.

  1. Marquise cut: This is a very distinct type of diamond cut. It has a football-shape appearance. It was created for King Louis XIV. It is elongated in shape. It looks larger in size as compared to its original size.

  1. The pear cut: This diamond cut is a combination of the round and marquise cut diamond. It is conical at one end and makes the fingers look elongated. It has very good symmetry and has excellent brilliance. It looks beautiful in a large size.

  1. Heart cut: This diamond cut is specially created to represent love. It is made by modifying a brilliant cut diamond. It is used for making pendants and engagement rings.

Thus, when buying a diamond, you should make sure that you know about your needs. Diamonds are forever, therefore spend money judiciously and buy the best diamond cut that suits your need and budget.