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3 Wedding Destinations and Ideas to Try in Thailand

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Weddings are celebrations of love, life and union. This is why most couples put much thought into planning theirs. Everyone wants to make it as memorable and unique as possible. Some choose beautiful destinations and brainstorm interesting themes to create a unique concept for their special day. If you are looking to make your dream wedding come true, check out these 3 destinations and ideas you can try in Thailand:

Beach Wedding in Phi Phi Islands

Couples who love the sea can take pleasure in having a beach wedding in one of the six islands of Phi Phi in the Krabi Province. Located in the Andaman Sea, this group of islands offers lovely beach views, perfect for an uplifting venue. There are a lot of beach resorts and accommodation you can consider in Phi Phi Islands, including the De Malee Villa, Zeavola Resort and the Phi Phi Island Village, which both garnered five-star ratings.

After the ceremony and the reception, you and your partner can go swimming in the cool waters or relax near the shore, enjoying refreshing drinks of your choice. Your guests can also enjoy riding the waves and trying out other water activities your resort has to offer. Complete with the fresh sea breeze, exquisite foliage and top-notch accommodation, your wedding will certainly be memorable for you and your guests.

Rustic-Themed Venue in Chiang Mai

If you prefer a more idyllic vibe for your wedding, a rustic-themed venue is perfect for you. Chiang Mai is a suitable location for this, as it’s known for its picturesque sites. From breathtaking mountain views to botanical gardens, you can definitely feel close to nature in this province. You can utilise wooden decors to suit the lush forest backdrop of the place. Paired with dainty fairy lights and dark-coloured flowers, your day will surely be one for the books. Your big day will be a peaceful retreat for you and your partner, as well as for your friends and family.

Traditional-Themed Nuptials in Bangkok

For those who want to get in touch with their native practices and local culture, a traditional-themed wedding in Bangkok will satisfy this need. This city is home to a number of awesome culturally-rich temples and other venues that offer traditional-themed functions. This is fit for locals who want to add a hint of tradition to an otherwise modern nuptial. You might also want to try going for traditional-inspired attire, to channel that unity with your culture. With a more cultural setting, your day will certainly be a refreshing change from the hustle and bustle of the city.

These destinations and ideas are not only great for making your nuptial a unique one; it will also look good on your wedding photographs. When looking back at your special day, you are sure that your photos reflect the joy, individuality and culture that you have incorporated in your wedding. With these, you can look back at that momentous day with a smile and fulfillment.