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4 Tips to Care for Your Fresh Cut Flowers this Winter

The joy of decorating your house with fresh cut flowers during winter is simply indescribable. Fresh cut flowers also have a sweet fragrance that evoke a sense of warmth and happiness in everyone. However, external elements such as dry air and temperature changes during winter could deteriorate the cut flowers easily. Here are 4 useful tips, from an expert florist in Toronto Ontario, that you could implement to extend the life of your beautiful blooms:

Use Flower Food:

Professional flower delivery in Toronto will offer floral arrangements with flower food included. You could also purchase flower food packets and use them. Flower food includes nutrients and bactericides that keep your vase water clean and nourishing. The water will stay fresh, and the flowers will be bright and healthy for an extended period of time.

Trim the Stems Periodically:

As soon as the flowers are removed from the plant, their lifetime is significantly reduced. When you are placing fresh cut flowers in water, remember to trim the bottom portion of the stems by an inch or so just before you place them in the vase. This allows for the nutrients from the flower food solution to be absorbed by the flowers easily. After you have purchased or received flowers in a vase or container via flower delivery in Toronto, just top up the flower food solution. There is no need to remove and cut the stems again.

Place the Fresh Cut Flowers Away from Heat Sources:

Winter is one of those seasons when you could experience temperature fluctuations. The furnace is heating, the door opens and cold air blasts in. Such heat variations could impact the life of the fresh cut flowers, so make sure that you keep them away from direct heat and cold exposure. Do not place them near sunny windows, fireplaces, and other sources of heat. Also, do not keep your fresh cut flowers near fruits and vegetables. Doing so would accelerate the decaying of the flowers.

Replace the Water Regularly:

If you have picked up or received a bouquet of cut flowers, one of the most important steps to follow for maintaining your fresh cut flowers is to replace the flower food solution every few days. If you notice that the water is discoloured, it could indicate the presence of bacteria in water that would cause the flowers to decay. By replacing the water in the vase, your flowers will last longer than expected. Remember to trim the stems of the flowers, as mentioned earlier, before adding fresh water.

These are the important ways with which your fresh cut flowers will last for as long as possible. Get in touch with a leading flower shop in Toronto today to order fresh beautiful flowers this winter. Remember to adopt these maintenance tips to make the most of your beautiful blooms.