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5 Instagrammable Wedding Photography Ideas You Should Try

You may be feeling stressed and overwhelmed at the moment from all that planning and organizing to make sure your big day is as picturesque as you envisioned it. However, you do have to admit that decorating is one of the most fun things to plan for your wedding. However, choosing centerpieces, flowers, and other decorations to make sure your wedding will be a night to remember for you and all your guests are only the initial things to consider and plan. There are other things to consider to make sure you get the vibe of your wedding right and consistent throughout the day or night. This way your photographers and guests alike will enjoy getting a lot of Instagram worthy or instagrammable pictures of your wedding. To help you achieve that, here are five wedding photography ideas to apply to your wedding according to experienced wedding photography Houston.

Choose Perfect Venues

The first thing to do is choose the right place for your wedding in line with your wedding theme. Through this, you do not have to worry about decorating too much because your site is already appropriate for your wedding theme. For example, if you are going for a delicate and vintage feel, then you should choose a garden venue for both your ceremony and reception. Having a lot of greenery will surely give you that delicate floral feel for your wedding, and you do not have to decorate too much to achieve the look.

Catch Natural Lighting

In line with choosing the right venue means choosing one with great light. Natural lighting is the best thing to work with when taking wedding pictures to give an effortlessly natural vibe. This way your photos will not be taken with harsh flash photography that tends to change the look of your wedding background and decorations. One best suggestion is to choose to hold your wedding reception afternoon until night. This way photos could be taken during the afternoon, then you and your guests could dance the night away.

Get Picturesque Backgrounds

Another thing that will encourage your guests and photographers to get great pictures is to set up some great backgrounds around the venue. Make sure to scatter some great background that matches your wedding theme. For example, a flower wall is one excellent background idea to put up and looks great in pictures.

Organize Proportional Decorations

Another thing to remember is to avoid over-decorating or under Decorating. Ensure that your decorations are proportional to the size of your venue. A crowded place does not look great in pictures, neither does an under-decorated one.

Combine Pretty Hues

Another decorating idea is to combine beautiful colors and opt to follow a color palette that is in line with your wedding theme or design. This is one way to decorate proportionally and make most out of the materials that you have.

There you have it, and those are the five photography ideas to make sure your wedding is the most instagrammable wedding to date.