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5 Unique Dining Experiences You Should Have When You’re in Surabaya

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If you are planning to visit Surabaya, the city can offer you many places where you can have a unique dining experience. Here are some places where you can have a unique dining experience in Surabaya.

  1. Dream of Kahyangan Art Resto

Kahyangan literally means paradise. The architecture is a mixture of traditional Javanese with Chinese influence. The restaurant serves local foods but gives them attractive names, so you may want to ask your Indonesian-speaking buddy to translate. Try out the BandengMimpiPelesir 1001 Malam, interpreted as’The Milkfish’s Fantasy of Travelling for 1001 Nights’. The entire restaurant captures the charm of village-style cuisine to allow you to feel as if you are dining among sailors. Don’t be amazed at all the jumbo-sized drinks, such as jumbo iced tea and jumbo coconut drink.

  1. Jamoo

Located inside the Shangri-la Hotel, Jamoo offers an array of food ranging from Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, to Western menus.

The ambiance is modern and cozy, with a perfect fit for an all-you-can-eat session. Jamoo is quite famous because of its excellent food quality. It’s also a perfect venue for special family dinners and birthday celebrations. You don’t need to miss their selection of desserts made with a lot of alluring styles to pamper the tooth among you.

  1. Arumanis

Arumanis Is a Great choice for a buffet lunch or Dinner in the neighborhood surrounding with various signature street foods typical to Surabaya. It is impressive interior settings in modern cinema fashion with a beautiful outdoor place even for an intimate rendezvous. Aside from the local menu, delectable international dishes are also perfectly served.

Join the day festivities at the SitiInggil-PasarMalemlocated nearby, as they function plenty of scrumptious regional succulents. Try the rural cingur or ‘ox-nose salad’ and sip on the traditional beverage of jamu — a healthier natural herbal recipe for improving your energy.

  1. De Soematra 1910

Opulence and elegance are the very first words that come to Head about this restaurant. With impressive decoration within a beautifully preserved old house, De Soematra is ideal for that private fine dining for an additional special celebration, serving a delectable list of Chinese and Western food options beneath a romantic setting of crystal chandeliers. You can try the established menu that consists of Pan Fried Baby Lobster with Ratatouille, Spicy Tomato, Eggplant caviar and basil oil along with the signature dessert of De Soematra chocolate trilogy or choice of tasty bite-size cakes termed Petit Fours. This place is also famous for their flower arrangements, greeting you with a grand welcome using fantastic opportunities of blossoms and buds.

  1. The Pavillion International Restaurant

The all-you-can-eat venue, offering a variety of dishes from neighborhood to Asian and Western. It’s an exquisite interior of Victorian layout style, having a round central raised area highlighted by the legendary central dome. Consider sitting at the outer ring of tables so you will be more comfortable to access the food buffet.