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5 Ways to Wear the Unforgettable Prom Dresses again You should Know before Shopping

The prom season is around the block and you are probably wondering what to wear. Furthermore, the thought of making a huge investment on a dress is something you should consider twice before rushing to it. In case, your prom night does not pan out the way you have always imagined, you can always save the dress for later.

It is more important to sort out the reasons to wear prom after graduation because it helps you choose the dress. Getting rid of the worry of beautiful expensive dresses sitting in the cupboard, you should focus on the upcoming bright days.

You do not need to think of the ‘dress repetition’ issue because the high school crowd will not follow you anywhere after your graduation. Especially, when you are off to college, the prom dress will be useful for attending the formal events. Of course, you can donate the outfit to a charity but here are a few suggestions on where to flaunt the maroon prom dresses in future.

At School Reunion

Saving the prom dress for future is always a good idea. Not only can you reuse it at a soiree but also you can wear at a school gathering after years. The distance between you and your high school friend will not be a locker or desk away but miles away. If you and your friends organize a reunion party, you can get a beautiful moment to recreate the prom night. And, your prom dress is the key to have it.

For Making a Pageant

If you think you have the potential and the combo of beauty and brain, this is your time to glow-up. Your prom dress is a gateway to look ravishing and become instantly pageant-worthy. As you already have the dress, you can make things interesting with different shoes and accessories. So, master your catwalk to get the title while flaunting a dress in which you are comfortable.

For Formal Events

A maroon mermaid dress to a formal event is sure to turn heads in the hall. However, if you are worried about where to wear it again, you can put it on for any formal event. The gala events are incomplete without music and play and your mermaid or fishtail dress will add Hollywood-esque panache to your outlook. Of course, you can showcase your creativity by adding little jewels or changing the neckline or sleeves. So, whether it is a ball or formal sorority party, all eyes will be on you.

Prioritize Yourself, at first

In between the work hours and getting ready for work, you will be on the verge of having no time for yourself in future. You will only be spending your days and nights in formal work clothes and sweatpants. During these hard times, the sight of prom can take you back to the golden memories. Who knows, you can put the dress on and feel the prettiest?

Customization is an Option

Hem the old dress into a cocktail dress and make it brand new. Whether it is a banquet party, date night, or wedding party, the original presence gets a new touch. Therefore, shortening the dress is a very practical way to retain the memorable prom outfit.

So, start your prom dress shopping from the exquisite collection of mermaid bridesmaid dresses and keep it forever for different purposes.

Author Bio: Kimberly Brown, a fashion blogger with different articles on how you can style with mermaid bridesmaid dresses, here mentions 5 ways you can re-use your maroon prom dresses after graduation and still look exotic.