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A Quick Guide to Choosing a Wedding Venue

When it comes to planning your special day, one of the biggest decisions you make will be the venue itself. As most of your wedding, if not all of it, will take place inside the venue you choose, it’s essential you get this just right to make sure you get the atmosphere that you’re looking for.

And, with all the excitement that comes with viewing potential venues, it’s easy to rush into things and end up with something that doesn’t suit your needs.

So, we’ve had a look at some of the essential things you need to consider when it comes to booking the venue for your big day.


This may not be the dream start to your wedding planning that you were looking for, but it’s really important that you work out your budget before you start looking at any venues. It would be heartbreaking to have your heart set on a venue before finding out its way out of your budget.

Sit down with your partner and go through each part of the wedding that needs to be budgeted, such as suppliers, venues, outfits, and transport, before portioning some of it for the venue.

It can seem quite overwhelming when doing this, so try some of these apps to help you along the way.

Guest list

The next thing to work out before you start viewing venues is how many guests you plan on attending your wedding.

Once you’ve worked out the numbers, you can whittle down the number of venues you need to view based on capacity alone, which will save you lots of time! The best way to do this is to sit down with your partner, each write your own list, and then come to a mutual agreement on the guests.


Doing your research before going to view venues will really save you a lot of effort. By having a look through the venue’s website or giving them a quick call, you can easily cut down on the ones you actually need to go and view as you’ll know in advance if it already ticks most of your boxes.

View more than one

Whilst it can be easy to fall head over heels with a venue that you see on your first outing, it’s important not to let that cloud your judgment. Viewing different venues will help to give you some perspective and think more objectively.

You might find an even better venue for half the price, or the other venues may confirm in your mind that you loved the first one. Either way, you can sign on the dotted line knowing you made the best decision


Another key thing to look for when viewing venues is accessibility. If you have lots of people coming in from outside the area, the venue needs to be easy to find and be close to accommodation. Or if you have people flying it, it would be helpful not to be too far from an airport.

From a more physical side of things, the venue needs to be accessible for those who may have mobility issues. A beautiful turreted castle may seem ideal until your granny needs to negotiate multiple flights of stairs!

Check the packages available

Venues that offer packages can be a great choice when it comes to weddings, as it can help to cut down on the work of the bride and groom.

We spoke to Lake District Country Hotels, a premium wedding venue, who said: “finding a venue that can help to take the weight off your shoulders can really help couples to enjoy the planning a bit more. Venues that offer a wedding coordinator, in-house catering and accommodation can make it that bit easier to have your dream day.”

It’s always worth checking what sort of services the venue can offer you, so you don’t have to do the legwork!

Check it has the facilities for what you want

Finally, you need to make sure it can offer you everything you want for your big day. If you dreamed of having fireworks, a candlelit ceremony, or a confetti shower, you need to make you’re permitted to do these things.

Similarly, if you opt to organize your own suppliers, you need to check whether the venue has any regulations on using non-recommended suppliers. Finally, you need to check that the decor complements the vision in your mind!

The sooner you get these things ironed out, the better your day will be! For more tips and tricks, this post by A Practical Wedding has everything you could need.