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There are only but a few memorable events to look forward to and relish like a wedding day. From reminiscing the moments leading up to the big day and great years ahead, the challenges of marital life come to as little or nothing on your wedding day, thanks to the ecstatic ambience and family glee.

Live music and weddings

For some, weddings are not complete without a live music to spice up the occasion, leading to the thought of what to play on a wedding day when it comes to live music. Although, this will largely hinge on personal preference, we will however, be taking a glimpse of the plethora of options for you if live music is part of your wedding plans.

Your options

As said earlier, this will primarily hinge on your tilt when it comes to music and how engaged you want your guests and audience to be during your very special day. Some experts say going with soul through rock and modern day pop is a great idea on your wedding. Having a band that everyone enjoys is the deal.

However, you may also like to have your guests arrive in a light, classical music, experts say. Getting your guests gradually into the groove with other music types as they settle for their drinks reception is another way to spice up your live music on your special day. The genre is normally decided by the couple as they find most fitting and interesting, matching the day’s awesomeness. Its however also important to bear in mind your genre and theme of music depending on your guests. Not all people fancy music, and more so if your wedding playlist has inherent religious connotations. A good step is to have a prior discussion with your live band before the event, consulting their advice on the choice of live play that will strike the balance between your preferences and making sure your audience and guests are not left out, or unfulfilled with proceedings.

Final take.

There is probably not a one choice fits all option in deciding a live wedding band. Pertinent is your guests, preference and the experience of your live band in selecting the mix of songs they deem create the right atmosphere for a memorable wedding. So do consider your options and have it create the perfect day for a truly indelible day.