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Bridal Beauty — Your Head-To-Toe Prep Guide

Preparing for your wedding takes months. You will spend the better part of your year planning, touring, making appointments, tasting, and deciding on your theme, decor, and menu. Your gown and the gowns of the attendants will take several months as well. Unless you are unlike most of us, you are going to balance all of this while working a fulltime job and caring for family responsibilities.

It is little wonder that by the time the wedding day arrives, you are stressed, tired, and it shows. You cannot wait until the day you sit down in the salon chair to be concerned about your looks. The results will be either a less than perfect wedding album, or the need for more cosmetics and products than you normally use, leaving you looking unnatural.

Nutrition and Exercise

It is common for brides to go on crash diets just before the wedding. They put their health on the back burner until they are faced with fitting into the gown, then they panic. Instead, begin a smart nutrition plan six months before the wedding. Include lots of fresh food and plenty of water. The nutritional values will be brighter eyes, clearer skin, and a healthier glow.

You can add an exercise program to this and firm up your body or lose a few pounds. Make it a group effort and your wedding photos will be beautiful.

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Take it from the top

Begin with your hair. Six months before the wedding, make an appointment with your beauty consultant to have your hair evaluated. Discuss how you want it to look. He or she will help you determine if you need special treatments to get your hair ready. It may require trimming over time and deep conditioning treatments to allow recovery from any damage.


Eating a healthy diet, resting, and getting enough hydration will have a positive effect on your skin, sometimes it is not enough. If you have break-outs or problem skin, make an appointment with your dermatologist. Again, the key is to give them enough time to do their job.

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Your smile is everything. Nothing makes a bride more beautiful than a pretty smile. Make an appointment for a dental check-up. Address any dental issues, and arrange for any whitening procedures in time for the wedding photos.

Addressing body changes

It is possible that your new healthy way of living leaves you with a bit of a dilemma. You may actually lose more weight than you gained, or lose more inches due to the new lifestyle. Allow your gown supplier enough time to make any adjustments in your gown.

If the opposite is true, you may need to add special undergarments to shape your body under the dress.

Also, do not neglect to check the hemline. A gown that has significant altering may require a hem adjustment.

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gel nails are the hottest trend in weddings. They come in great colors and they last up to 2 weeks. This allows you and your bridal party to have your nails done in advance and not have to rush the day before the wedding.

Determining the colors you want to wear and what the bridesmaids will wear has never been easier. Right now premium gel nails suppliers are offering 47% off the cost of gel nail polish and giving a 4th color for free. If this is your first time using gel nails, take advantage of the sale. This will likely become your new way to care for your nails.

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Reduce stress

It may seem odd to see this included in your beauty program, but it really isn’t. Stress affects every part of your body. The human body cannot look or feel it’s best if it is under stress. It is important to take steps to reduce the stress of the wedding.

Take advantage of wedding packages to reduce the cost and workload you face. Hire a qualified wedding planner and let them do their job. Use wedding registries such as the Target Wedding Registry — Blueprint Registry to allow you an easy way to select your requests. This also allows your guests to effortlessly accommodate your requests.

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Legs and feet

Whether you wear a dress that shows your legs or a floor-length gown, your legs and feet need to be pampered and in good condition for the wedding. You want to be well-rested and flawless for the wedding day, and the wedding night.

Take care of shaving, waxing, or other methods of hair removal in advance. Do not try a new method just before your wedding. Book a massage (a couples massage is great) and have your legs massaged and conditioned.

Have a pedicure to remove the rough skin on your feet. Have your toenails shaped and painted and Invest in some good-quality feet cream to keep your feet moisturized and beautiful.

If you take these little tidbits of advice, you will be prepared and lovely from head-to-toe in time for your wedding. You will look beautiful and will feel amazing. What is a better way to show love to your soon to be spouse, than to show yourself some tender loving care?