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Choose diamond ring for your engagement ceremony

Most of the people choose diamond ring for their engagement ceremony. Diamond ring is classified in various ways like design, setting type, cut and shape of diamond and metal which is used to make ring band. So, it is important for you to pick the right jewelry and engagement ring before investing your money in precious diamond.

Type of diamond ring by design and stones number

Solitaire ring — there is a single diamond in the setting used for making this ring. For holding the diamond, bezel setting, tension setting, and other mountings are used that make your desirable diamond engagement ring beautiful and amazing.

Ring with side stone – this ring consists of one large diamond which is surrounded by some smaller diamonds. Three stone rings are highly in demand that consist of one center diamond and two another stones on each side.

Pave ring — there are small diamonds attached to the band with the help of metal prongs that create the look of metal droplets. There are some rings that consist of only small pave set diamonds or center diamond with side stones.

Types of diamond ring by setting

Prong setting — basically prong holds the diamond on its space so most of the rings come with four to six prong. There are many rings that also consist of more than six prongs for holding the diamond on its space tightly.

Bezel setting — in this setting the diamond of ring is surrounded with a metal band partially or fully. If the outer edge of the diamond is held by the metal then it is known as the partial bezel setting.

Invisible setting – in this ring, the metal work is located underneath the stone and is not visible on the top of the ring. Small and large sized diamond creates an awesome design on the metal band.