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Why Choose An Outdoor Ceremony & Reception Venue?

An increasing number of brides are turning away from traditional indoor weddings and turning towards outdoor marriages. Your marriage can take place on the beach, mountain top, backyard garden, or in the field. However, the outdoor reception captures a very special thing that indoor weddings can’t. You can use natural landscapes to the advantage of your decoration.

Outdoor venues can be stressful when you have to deal with cold or hot temperatures, shelter, sound issues, wind, creepy crawlies, and weather. You can always have an alternative plan just in case any of these issues arise. Consider your personality and that of your partner before you choose a wedding venue. Outdoor events come with some level of risks and uncertainties. Having a plan ‘B’ is important to make your day a great success.

Types of Wedding locations

  1. The Beach

A white beach is among the best picks for your outdoor wedding because the sun and khakis can dress up the style. These weddings have a more relaxed and casual feeling and this can be appealing to couples who want a carefree wedding day. The only challenge is that most beach weddings are a drive or flight away unless you reside close to a picturesque lake front or coast line. It is very easy to arrange for a packaged beach wedding and the staffs at the resorts are highly experienced. You can spend a memorable week with friends and family, sun, steel drums, and icy fruity cocktails. No wonder this is a top pick when looking for an outdoor wedding option. Check out some cool beach wedding venues here

  1. Backyard Wedding

The beauty about backyard wedding is that they are personal and intimate. It reminds me of the phrase ‘home sweet home.’ It gives you the flexibility and freedom to choose what you wish on your big day. You will have to design your own rules are there are no preferred lists for vendors. You can decide to keep your family at home especially if you are looking for privacy. Most celebrities take this route if they want to do a media-free and secret wedding.