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Creative Ideas for a Unique Wedding

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Weddings have turned into a profitable industry, as each person who ties the knot spares to expenses to plan their dream wedding. However, the purpose of a wedding is not to impress the guests or the social media followers. The purpose of the wedding is to celebrate the love between two people. To do this, you must stop wasting money on useless luxuries, and instead invest in small details that can make this experience memorable. Keep reading if you want to discover some simple yet creative ideas that can make your wedding truly unique.

For special guest wishes

The main reason why people have wedding receptions is because they want to spend this special day with all the people that matter to them. And this goes both ways, as the guests are also happy to be a part of this special moment. So, make sure to provide your guests with a fun way of wishing you the best. Ditch the classic guestbook, and instead opt for something less conventional like a wedding puzzle where guests can write wishes on each piece. Instead of a puzzle, you can opt for Jenga pieces, which you can later use to make a frame for a wedding photo. If you want something even more special, opt for a video confessional booth, where guests can record their best wishes, while also confess some fun sins.

For a special appearance

It can be very hard to add something special to a bridal look, especially if you want the conventional white dress look. However, you can opt for one special accessory to make your appearance more memorable. Our advice is to opt for a non-conventional wedding bouquet. You can choose one made of wild flowers, hay, or even succulents.

For a memorable first dance

Smoke screens and bubble machines are already clichés when it comes to the wedding dance. Our advice would be to skip all props for this moment, and keep it simple, so that your connection can be clearer. However, a simple yet special touch would be to order some custom wedding songs. There are many great musicians who create custom songs for weddings. Some artists even perform interviews with couples in order to create songs that really reflect the couple’s love. If you are looking for a great musician for custom wedding songs, we recommend Lindsey Harper. Her songs are truly special and her voice is out of this world.

For a magical ceremony

Tired of the same flower altars that you see at every wedding? Well, you don’t have to do the same thing that everybody does. For a more natural touch, you could consider wrapping a birch structure with lush greenery and string lights. If you are a bohemian spirit, you could also opt for some white dreamcatchers instead of flowers. Keep in mind that most times it is best to keep it simple, so a plain white veil could be enough, or you could use white hanging streamers to add a whimsical touch to your special moment.

For fun moments

You will have to plan some cool entertainment activities to make sure your guests loosen up and have fun. A simple way to do this is with a funny photo booth. If you want to go the extra mile, you could even consider choreographies, together with your close wedding party. To make sure that everybody will dance at least once, you could also make a fun game. For example, you can give each table a song name, and make everybody get up and dance when their song comes on.

For party animals

Weddings are supposed to be fun, and if you don’t want the party to stop after the reception, book another venue for a crazy after party. Make sure to choose a place with a casual vibe, and a theme completely different from your reception. To make things even more fun, instead of classic favors, you could give your guests some fun hangover kits. Moreover, when it is time to escape the party, make sure you make a memorable exit. Hand out confetti’s and even noise makers, so that your guests can properly escort you to your car.