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Destination Wedding Locations — For, You Are Destined To Be!

High up in mountains or in a Victorian era themed Church? Destination weddings or a simple cultural one?

Once you have decided the day — as in, when? The next question is — where?

Life isn’t a fairy tale yet, one can always dream because dreams come true. Wondering how to select the perfect location for your big day? The ultimate unique place to get married?! Well, no doubt, Hawaii Weddings always come on the top while discussing such questions but there some other exotic locations as well that can give you serious weddings goals.

Here is a list of the top five destination wedding locations that will blow your mind:


700 miles of white and gold sand coastlines greet you enthusiastically. This is exactly where your happily ever after is about to begin. Either intimate or friendly, this wedding affair is yours and so make the most of it. With less of formality and more of sociality, this is a dream destination for couples who cannot wait to become ‘yours truly’ anymore.


What can be a better location than the eternal city of love with its scenic locales and backdrops that make the frame for the perfect picture? Along with the couple, even the relatives and family members can enjoy and indulge themselves in the sightseeing, shopping, and mingling with the local culture. The villages nearby can bring out the perfect old era charm for couples who look for Vintage! Indulge yourself with a wedding in Paris — a spiced heritage.


Marriage ain’t meant to be a cliché affair but a cliff-motivated one! And, Hawaii Weddings are the perfect example. From beaches to cliffs and lush mountains Hawaii has them all. If private hotels with elegant ballrooms or exclusive private beach access is what you wish for then you seem to have arrived at the unique location. Oahu, Maui, and Kauai are the popular wedding locations. The beach weddings blend in subtly to bring you at ease and yet stand out because of its beauty. This surely is a bucket-list wedding destination.


The traditional all-time heritage and prestige that India maintains is commendable. One can choose from Forts to Palaces to beaches and entire resorts as their wedding destination. You name it and you get it. The Big Fat Indian Wedding ain’t a myth. One can choose from hundreds to scenic locales, the food options available are endless and so it is the pompousness of the event. Marriage in India is a big affair and hence the weddings here are meant to be exceptional.

Costa Rica

Want to make sure that the spark in your love never dies out? What about tying the knot and exchanging the vows on a Volcano? Hot enough for you or are you looking for more? The rainforest and the beach are commendable options too!

It is Costa Rica that calls out to nature lovers and outdoorsy adventurers to find out something more passionate and seamless, to explore love and life, and explore marriage with adventure on the side.

Coming to the conclusion, well, locations aren’t perfect and so ain’t weddings but what makes them perfectly ‘memorable’ are the moments you make, create, and share.

Happy wedding ☺