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Everything About Jewellery or Jewelry You Should Know

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The “jewellery” as per the British English or “jewelry” as per the American English refers to decorative or fashion materials normally made out of costly metal items like gold, silver, jewels, costly gemstones such as diamond etc. The jewellery has been worn from time immemorial since the inception of civilizations and prior to civilizations by the stone-age human beings. In the contemporary era, jewellery is restricted to expensive ornaments attached to various parts of the body or clothes. The jewellery is commonly and popularly worn from toe-rings to hair-pins and even genital jewellery and is worn by all age groups of women and men. However, jewellery is more used by women than men. Besides its use as an ornament, the jewellery are also counted as a status symbol. In olden times kings, queens and rich people were decorating themselves with various kinds of jewellery. Find the best jewellery from Atelier Lou.

Besides gold and diamond, all other jewellery gemstones are believed to be bestowed with supernatural powers and mystically help or curse the person who posses the same. On the other hand, even today, medical science believes that certain jewellery has healing powers. There are numerous evidences of curses caused by the jewellery across history. Similarly, several mythologies speak about the mystical powers of jewellery which helped its owners. In the early civilizations, the talismans and amulets were very popular because people believed that these jewelleries would protect them from harmful dangers, cure their illness and give them good luck.

The ancient Egyptians loved carnelians with a belief of getting the protection of Goddess Isis. The warriors in ancient times ornamented their weapons with certain gemstones because it was believed that the gemstones would prevent bleeding from wounds. In the middle age, the gemstones were medically incorporated and used as healing materials. The supernatural powers of gemstones were questioned during the 17th century but their healing nature was established in medical science. However, the supernatural powers of gemstones are still counted seriously and people even to-day buy gemstones associating with their birthdates, names, anniversaries etc.

Surprisingly, in the contemporary modern scientific era, highly conscious people believe that gold, diamond and gems have mystical impacts which yet to be discovered or analysed. One of such popular belief is the recent moonstone-centric collection which claimed that if you keep in your mouth during full-moon you can see the future. However, it is beyond debate that the jewellery has enormous psychological impacts on the person who wears them.