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Getting to Know Palembang through the Musi River Tour

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You’ll find something missing if you visit Palembang without taking a Musi River tour. This renowned river is the longest at Sumatra at 750 kilometers long. Taking the Musi River excursion is essential for people who wish to know the history of Palembang. Long ago, the indigenous population in Palembang dwelt along this lake. Some even built their houses along the river banks. When taking the excursion, it is possible to find several tourist sites such as Kemarau Island and temples.

Local people rely upon this river for their transport. You can see many motor boats (taxis) taking passengers to the other side of this river. You won’t have some trouble finding local foods. Not far in the Palembang Grand Mosque, you can enjoy Palembang conventional foods such as empek-empekpanggang. There’s also a food booth selling esbelimbing (star fruit ice). There are floating restaurants where you could enhance your culinary adventures in Palembang.

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Along the Musi River, there are several tourist sites including Kmart Island along with the tomb of RatuBagusKuning. You can request the boat driver to take you to those sites. They surely know these areas well. To travel around the Musi River, you have to utilize a motor ship. You can rent one beneath the AmperaBridge, in front of Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II Museum, or in front of Fort KutoBesak. There are lots of types of motor ships like speed ships, Ketek, and small vessels.

Get Around

The city bus at Palembang is one of the most convenient buses. There are two types of buses, both the green and the blue, using different routes. The green TransMusi’s way goes Terminal SakoPerumnas-JalanCelentang-JalanResiden Abdul Rozak-SimpangEmpatPatal-JalanBasukiRahmat-JalanDemangLebarDaun-Simpang Taman Bukit-UNSRI Bukit Besar-JalanJaksaSuprapto-SimpangKedaung-JalanLetkolIskandar-Simpang Hero-PIM, and backtrack all the bus stops.

The gloomy TransMusi route goes Terminal Alang-AlangLebar-JalanKol H Burlian-JalanJenderalSudirman-Pasar 16 Ilir (JalanTengkurukPermai)-Underpass Ampera Bridge-Jalan Masjid Agung-JalanJenderalSudirman-backtrack to Alang-AlangLebar. If you prefer to have a more airy neighborhood transport, choose becak or even ojek instead. The cuisine is quite affordable and worth the excitement.

Get There

The airport of Palembang is called the Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II International Airport. Several airlines are serving the Capital City of South Sumatra, Palembang. If you are already in one of the Cities or capital cities of Sumatra, an overland excursion to Palembang is also possible. Bukittinggi, Jambi, Pekanbaru, Dumai, or Bengkulu to and from Palembang and inquire Terminal Karya Jaya Serves buses moving into the northern towns from Palembang, and Terminal Alang-AlangLebar serves the southern paths.