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Where to Go for a Bridal Gown — Luv Bridal and Formal of Course


Luv Bridal and Formal welcomes any soon to be bride to visit their showrooms any time to start looking for their bridal gown. However, they do advisethat it is probably best to book an appointment to let them give you the best shopping experience for a bridal gown that they are able to provide anyone looking for her wedding dress.


Most brides have no idea how stressful and overwhelming planning a wedding can be. Especially when it comes to the gown or wedding dress as there are so many choices. Every new bride has dreamed about this time in her life since she was a small child and has a Barbie and a Ken doll. They seem to know what they want their dress to look like until they are trying on dresses and it suddenly becomes a bit more than they have dreamed about. That is why it is best to have an experience bridal gown adviser to help you.

Hundreds of gowns

Luv Bridal & Formal has a plethora of gowns and dresses for the bride to look through. So please make an appointment using their online booking system. You can also call the showroom direct to make an appointment.


They have nine showrooms, with Luv Bridal & Formal showroom in Moonee Ponds VIC being one of the largest. You will be helped by their Bridal Stylists who will show you gowns made by the best designers in the world. They have gowns that are made in a timeless design as well as those that create modern cutting-edge fashion. They will turn this shopping experience into a memory you will cherish forever; rather than a stressful day that will leave you exhausted.

Luv Bridal and Formal take pride in the fact that they can offer international designer gowns at a fair price. Their directors believe there is a need to offer a quality, made to order gown at a price that is very affordable.

Bridesmaid’s dresses

They also carry bridesmaid’s dresses as well as other formal wear and have all the accessories that any bride needs to round out her wedding gown shopping day.