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How to Choose Your Wedding Venue

Choosing your wedding venue; that’s got to be extremely high on the wedding organisation list, along with the obvious; being engaged and setting a date. This is arguably one of the biggest decisions you’ll make in your wedding planning journey and it usually happens right at the beginning.

Picking a wedding venue is no easy feat; you’ll presumably have to compromise with your significant other, a wedding is for the both of you after all! You need to explore different options and not commit to anything too soon, unless you get the overwhelming urge that it’s “the one”. Many people have had this feeling when they’ve visited Wedding Venue North Wales; the stunning scenery and the attention to detail provided is second to none.

Here are some important tips to follow when choosing the venue for your special day:

Choose a Venue to Suit your Personalities

Every couple is unique, so not every couple is going to fall in love with the idea of getting married in a converted barn, or stately home, or even a castle. Work with your partner to find a venue that matches and even exceeds your expectations, whilst still fulfilling both of your requirements and tastes. There are a whole host of different wedding venues out there, you’ll find something that will suit the both of you perfectly.


This is a biggie. Where you have your wedding is critical — you’re likely going to have friends and family from all over the country (or maybe the world!), so choosing a location is the key to making sure that everyone can hopefully attend. Consider elderly relatives, can they travel long distance, can they walk up stairs — it might be worthwhile finding somewhere with excellent transport connections if guests are coming from all over.

Sticking to your Budget

It’s a common misconception that you can’t find a spectacular north wales wedding venue without an equally spectacular budget. Discuss with your partner, and set a budget that you are both comfortable with — being on a strict budget isn’t a drawback, it just means getting creative and having a lot of fun.


This is where even a rough guest list comes in very handy, you need to consider how big or small your guest list is and what you want your wedding day to look and flow like. Making sure that your venue can provide for a large party of 250 guests or has the perfect space for an intimate ceremony for you and 10 of your closest family is important.

Listen to Recommendations

This is might seem like a no-brainer but it often gets forgotten. Talk to other previous brides, brides-to-be or even family friends. Read reviews, take in as much information as possible, really do your research — you want your wedding service and experience to be of the highest quality.

Stay in Control

Make a list of your absolute non-negotiables. If a venue can’t accommodate the list then it’s probably not the right one for your wedding. Working with a dedicated wedding planner or team at the venue can take all the stress and worry out of your big day, making sure everyone involved knows exactly how the day should be running is essential.

Visit More Than Once

Don’t commit on the first viewing unless you know that nothing else is going to come close. Otherwise, it’s always a better idea to go and visit your wedding top choices at least two or three times before you make a decision. Take your time, your venue is the cornerstone for all the other choices you make in regards to your upcoming nuptials.

Consider the Lighting

Overlooked by nearly every bride-to-be, lighting is incredibly important! What’s the point in having a stunning wedding venue if nobody can see it? Make sure that there is plenty of lighting to compliment the spaces and your wedding theme.

Keep an Open Mind

Right, so not every single venue is going to blow your mind. However, don’t discount the underdogs; they might surprise you in ways you didn’t anticipate. Keep an open mind to different ideas, themes, and even locations. What about tying the knot on the beach, a little log cabin or even at a theme park?

Make sure you get ‘the feeling’!

You remember that feeling when you got engaged, your venue should come pretty close to replicating that. You need to be able to envisage yourself walking down the aisle in a memorable venue; and getting ‘the feeling’ is the best way to know that you’re on the right track.