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Indian Wedding Menu: Planning Tips

An Indian wedding is definitely an embodiment from the wealthy culture and heritage of the nation. A deluxe as well as an extravagant Indian wedding is incomplete without scrumptious food. When selecting recption menus, each side from the family ought to be involved. Actually, the easiest way would be to discuss recption menus a couple of occasions in advance due to the diversity of Indian cuisine.

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Preparing Indian meals are a skill, and each dish differs yet mouthwatering. However you should be obvious concerning the wedding menu. Once selected, it should not be altered or altered. Selecting a unique menu of just a couple of dishes could be tiresome, but there are specific things to consider that may help you.

Vegetarian or Non-Vegetarian

The foremost and the top factor is whether or not recption menus ought to be vegetarian food, non-vegetarian, or perhaps a combination. Based on this decision, locate a caterer which specializes in the type of menu you would like. However, even though you serve non-vegetarian food, bear in mind Indians do not eat beef. The cow is recognized as a sacred animal in India.


Your budget ought to be made the decision on immediately because it’ll make the look simpler. Once the finances are set, you realize just how much to invest on food.

Quantity of Visitors

Result in the list of all of the visitors. Also, create a margin close to 20-25 extra people more, since Indian weddings are huge matters where more visitors will always be welcome. The quantity of food is determined by the amount of visitors. And the amount of plates offered and also the budget are directly proportionate to one another.

Taste Testing

You should check out each one of the caterers to be able to see their competency. You need to taste every single dish you are thinking about. Also, think about the states of the visitors. For instance, whether it’s a Punjabi matrimony, you need to serve some Punjabi food.


The growing season where the wedding happens plays a huge role in deciding recption menus. Whether it’s winter, you need to choose such things as halwa along with other hot dishes. Whether it’s summer time, there must be lots of fluids and food that’s offered cold. And if it’s monsoon season, then be certain to ensure your meals are offered dry. Also, certain dishes are periodic, so this ought to be stored in your mind while planning.


Include starters which are light and loved by all. You are able to vary between 2 or 3 types of starters, based on your financial allowance. Choose starters which are popular choice and well-received rather of rare and exotic dishes. This helps your visitors feel at ease at first. If you wish to serve exotic food, reserve it for that primary dish. Popular selections for starters include samosas, petis, chaat, khadvi, and spring rolls.


For health-conscious visitors, offer some eco-friendly, leafy vegetables along with other healthy products in salad and condiment. Here, it’s not necessary to keep to the conventional type of cutting vegetables, and may even add Italian and Russian salad if you think it.

Primary Course

This is actually the real thing, and just what your visitors will remember most regarding your menu. It ought to include 4 or 5 kinds of vegetables, grain, breads and 2 or 3 types of daals or chicken. Remember the naan and chapati for everyone with the primary dish. Ensure that it stays in compliance using the culture and region from the bride and also the groom. This ought to be the most heavy meal, departing your visitors feeling satisfied.


If you wish to include liquor inside your menu, make certain there is a separate counter for this since some Indians are sensitive about its consumption. Serve mocktails, juices, sodas along with other beverages. Your visitors will appreciate choices within their drinks, but all you actually need are fundamental beverages like water, juice and soda.


Desserts help relax the flavour buds following the spicy primary course. You could have a chuckle here, and can include traditional, western, or both kinds of dessert. For many Indians, frozen treats is essential.

At any wedding, the meals should be fresh and presented well. Whatever appeals the attention is consumed more. Keep your menu simple yet lavish. Should you test out exotic food, possess a safe familiar option, since not everybody is keen on trying something totally new.