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Is Music More Racial Than Cultural or Social?

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Often people show special interest to a specific genre of music and sometimes specific races of people develop soft corners to specific genres of music. It looks like music genres are divided according to the preferences of races or divided as per the races. One can understand this reality through different perspectives positively and can explain the racial dimension of music genre preferences through a compromised manner. However, it is also confusing and sometimes embarrassing to remove music from the socio-cultural or cultural dimension and see it exclusively through a racial perspective. Never miss the opportunity of the concert of MJBE to get the thrills of music that goes beyond any human expression.

Eventually, the definition of music through a racial perspective clearly speaks about the state of mind which links the music with race even if the music does not have the basis of race or a specific race having a specific inclination to a specific genre. If the race is counted as a phenomenon which is genetically determined, then the preference of music does not have a basis in the genetic determination. Above all, the ethics of music says, music has only one race, that is the human race.

When engaged in music, humans cultivate humanness or humanity. If it is true, then how can a person claim that genres and in other word music are divided racially? Music originates all genres in itself and displays the genres for all human beings for the sake of humanity. Human beings in different parts of the world developed their own social systems and different cultures. In course of time when people came in contact with each other, they came across various social systems and cultures of different races and acknowledged a greater diversity of cultures. Eventually, the existence and emergence of different musical genres did not originate on the basis of different races but ultimately the outcome of the diversity of cultures.

The word “genre” is not used in music as frequently and consistently as in other forms of arts. In literature, the word “genre” is used to differentiate and distinguish between a novel and a play or prose and poetry. In Painting, the term “genre” is used to distinguish between oil and watercolour or landscape and the portrait of a painting. While in music, classical, rock and jazz basically determine the genre, and jazz, rock or classical component of music can never be attributed to specific races. Often, most people do not understand the difference between genres and like or love music as it is. Therefore, music is more universal than racial.