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Las Vegas Wedding Tips — The Bride’s Guide To Plan A Perfect Summer Wedding

Many Las Vegas weddings are going to take place again this summer, just like every other year in the past. If you are planning for a summer wedding out there, then don’t let the rising temperatures ruin your wedding fun. Here are some tips for the brides-to-be for keeping their cool, in the heat of the Vegas summer.

If you are planning for a wedding in summer, then you must make sure that the wedding dress you choose is designed to handle the heat and humidity. These days, short wedding dresses are getting popular with the brides. They will help you to stay cool and stylish, without having to put in much efforts.

If you wish to go for a full length dress, then choose the dress materials that can help you stay cooler. If you have multiple layers in the gown, it will make you feel uncomfortable and warm.

Importance of baby powder

Before wearing the gown, you must sprinkle some baby powder on the areas where you sweat the most. You will need to rub the powder till your skin turns a bit translucent. You could also use some anti chaffing gels to keep your skin cool. Such products are known to provide a soothing effect. Make sure that you keep extra baby powder for re-applications.

Hair and makeup play an essential role to keep you cool during the summer weddings. Instead of allowing your hair loose, you could try some of the latest up-do hairstyles. When the hair stays away from your neck, your body temperature will not rise that quickly. If you do not prefer an up-do, then you can go for side-swept hairstyles. They are quite trendy these days, and will look stunning with your wedding dress.

Also, visit an expert makeup-artist, in order to prevent any last minute makeup meltdowns. It would be a real embarrassment, if your makeup comes off in the middle of the ceremony. It is always wiser to play it safe.

Try not to drink alcohol — Also keep water and sunglasses handy

It feels really tempting to get drunk, before the wedding. However, it would be better if you save the booze part for the post-wedding ceremonies. In fact, you must try and stick to water to keep yourself hydrated. It will also help you in regulating your body temperature. If the venue does not have centralized A/C, then try and stay near (or under) the fans.

Don’t forget to keep your sunglasses handy, so that you won’t have to keep squinting for the outdoor photos. You could try new and trendy sunglasses and make your style statement. If your hairstyle permits, then you could also accessorise yourself with a nice hat, too. These accessories will give a cool summer look, and also an opportunity to give your personal touch to the wedding ceremony.

Also, you must keep some spare accessories for the guests. Many people forget to carry their sunshades and hats for the wedding ceremony.

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