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Learn About the Distinctive Tahitian Pearl Shapes

Tahitian pearl farming is a lengthy process. It takes more than two years to harvest. As pearls are organic there are many imperfections seen in their shapes and quality. The type and size of oyster used to implant the bead dictates pearl size produced. Experienced jewelers sift and sort the different shapes and size of pearls. Their aim is to find nearly matching shape and size to design fine pearl jewelry or an awesome necklace.

There are many types of black pearl shapes. It depends on personal taste and preference. Learn here about the different Tahitian pearl shapes.

Round shape

Perfectly round shaped pearls are favored but even its size, surface quality, and luster counts. The demand for round shape is more but supply is limited, so they are marked as rare and expensive.

According to pearl production statistics, the calculation of round shapes sifted from any given harvest is only 5%. “Round” designation is subjective. A pearl within 2% deviation from perfect round can adopt this title. It is because 2% deviation is almost unnoticeable to untrained eyes.

Semi-round shape

If pearl is a little wobbly when rolled, then it gets categorized as semi-round or off-round. The deviation is between 3% — 5% from perfect round ones.


The circle category includes ovals, pear, drop, and button shapes. These pearl shapes include grooves, banding or lines that enclose it perpendicularly to the axis, covering least 30% surface are termed as ‘Circle’. Circles comprise nearly 35% of one-time harvest.


Tahitian pearls that lack symmetry is called baroque. It does no matter, which side or angle you measure, the results will always be different. These have irregular size and shapes including uneven and dented surfaces. Tahitian baroque pearls are more expensive than freshwater ones.


Semi baroque or circle baroque pearls are subgroup of baroque shaped pearls. You will see rings around curved or lumpy shaped pearls, making them very unique and distinguishable.

The crucial factor while choosing from the above Tahitian pearl shapes is to determine what you prefer. Excellent luster or color can transform any shape into sensational statement style.