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Location Ideas for a Great Wedding Reception

Are you planning a wedding? Perhaps the location of the wedding reception, Toms River or elsewhere in NJ? Maybe you are aware of some more typical locations or venues, like a conference center in Toms River, or maybe you want something more unique? Here are some location ideas for a great wedding reception wherever it will take place.

Sometimes it is nice to see what other people choose and choose something the same or similar because it worked. But some people prefer to have alternative options either because they want it to be more unique or perhaps they just need another option in case that conference room NJ situated is not available on your date. The great thing about going alternative is that sometimes this can save money too. So here are just a few ideas!

  • Public park, beach or even a library. Being public there is not a large fee involved but you do have to get permission from the city or place, and some will charge a small amount of money. Just keep in mind since it is in a public place there will be other members of the public there so not going to be a private affair.
  • Entertainment venue like a zoo, amusement park or dude ranch. These places usually offer themselves as a wedding venue and have the benefit of being kid friendly too. You can use the venue to inspire your wedding theme and think about the amenities there you might want to use.
  • Local options. Think about your favorite restaurants, kids places, the roof of an apartment, a large backyard for example.
  • Outdoor or indoors? There are advantages to getting married indoors, of course, you are not going to be overly impacted by the weather. But outdoor wedding venues Ocean County and beyond could be a great experience, especially if you enjoy the outdoors. It is not just a backyard, park or beach. Outdoors might be at a ranch, a local attraction, a farm, town square, or the top of a mountain!
  • Use your interests and hobbies as inspiration! If you and your partner love to ten pin bowl have a reception at your favorite place to bowl. If you like to gamble have it at a casino. If you love to golf, have it at the clubhouse.
  • Cultural options. If you have local cultural attractions you are drawn to consider art galleries near you, museums and such.

When you are looking at venues consider things like access, is it child-friendly, price, space, what time of year will the wedding happen, whether the service and reception are to happen in the same place. You and your partner should list ideas that appeal to you and then you can start making some calls and narrow down what ones are going to best meet your needs.