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How to Organise Your Best Friend’s Hens Night

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Having a hens night should be fun for everyone involved but sometimes people run out of ideas and end up staying at home. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with staying at home and partying but at the very least, a hens night should be well organised so that everyone has the most fun possible.

Ideas for a Hens Night

It’s tradition for the best friend of the bride-to-be to organise everything related to the hens party — usually in secret! Here are just a few hens night ideas that will lead to a better experience for everyone involved:

  • Invitees: It’s always important to bring people together who get along best. This means inviting best friends and those who get along well with each other. The hens night is no place for arguing or fighting!
  • Games: The best hens party ideas are those that are filled with fun and laughter. This means sourcing appropriate games for everyone in the group. Making sure that the night is paced out with plenty of games is a good way to keep people stimulated and talking.
  • Venues: Some people struggle with this but the important thing to remember is that the venue is not as important as the personalities of the people involved. That said, it’s always wise to have the party in a place where everyone feels comfortable and can talk openly.

One of the Best Times of Your Life

The best hens nights celebrate the single life of the bride-to-be and look forward to a life of commitment. It is a celebration for friends and a celebration of some of the best things in life.