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Planning A Small Budget Indian Wedding In Most Elegant Manner

Planning a wedding is one of the toughest jobs to do. Thinking about spending so much and that too for just two days is a big challenge. People these days are more focused on planning small budget Indian weddings where they plan on savings their money for a bright future ahead. And if you are also planning the same, following points will help you plan a small but perfect small budget wedding.

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How to plan a small budget Indian wedding?

  • Online Invitation

Selecting the ink, the paper as well as the creative art for your wedding card is too much wastage of money. And let’s not forget the amount of fuel you waste just to invite people for the wedding. So while planning a small budget wedding, choose unique Indian wedding card and send those digitally to your guests! Believe it or not: you will save a lot of time, money and fuel switching to online invites!

  • Few Guests

Why invite thousands of people to your wedding, in which half of them are not even related to you. Why not call only few people who actually matter to you and will be honestly happy to attend your wedding. Organizing a few people wedding will be a great idea for a small budget wedding too. All you need to do is invite those people who are your immediate family and friends and send them your special and unique wedding cards. And enjoy your wedding day and celebration with those who you really care about!

  • Limited snacks

One of the annoying elements in a wedding is too much of food. When of course you cannot cut down on number of dishes for the wedding dinner, but you can surely cut down on number of snacks. It is not important to have fifteen different snacks in your wedding, when guests can enjoy with just five of good snacks! Think about it and you will eventually limit number of snacks on your wedding reception.

  • Restricted Decoration

Decorating the entire hotel or resort with flowers and expensive decorations can really hike your bills! How about you just focus on limited decoration on your reception and rituals only? Because let’s face it: most of the decoration is not even required on the wedding. And quite honestly, it affects the environment too when decoration like flowers are thrown away as a piece of garbage.

  • Say NO to destination wedding

Destination weddings are a great hit these days, but it requires lot of planning and money both! Weddings and marriages are all about sharing happiness together, whether it’s a small resort or a huge royal palace! What is important is sharing love and prosperity together. So this time, focus on a small resort or may be a simple wedding in a temple or a church where you share your vows to spend your life together. Weddings must be blessed with happy people!

So plan a small but perfect wedding that won’t even hurt your bank balance too much and in fact, you can have a great start of a new beginning with a happy smile on faces!