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Here are the popular style in wedding catering Auckland:

  1. Buffet Style
  2. Plated Dinner
  3. Cocktail Style
  4. Family Style
  5. Serve-yourself Style

Buffet Style

This catering style fits perfectly for any kind of reception. Wedding guests have the freedom to choose the food that they prefer and the number of servings they want to get. Buffet style assures you that there’s food for everyone. As you notice at weddings, it is prevalent to have a server behind the buffet table that assists guests with giving food and describing a particular dish.

It is one of the most recommended styles as it allows you to save more since you don’t have to hire much servers and waiters. As for the guests, it gives them a variety of food choices and often an ideal way to encourage interaction towards them. One of the drawbacks of buffet style is that guests may have to queue to get their food and larger quantities of food are also needed so the guest can make the most out of the buffet.

Plated Dinner

It is known as the most traditional and formal among all the other catering styles. Normally, guests are being served with a three or four-course meal. A particular catering service will only give the guests a limited selection of appetizers, and entrées. Even before the reception, guests are already given the menu to know the meal course they will have. Since it is a sit-down meal service, it requires more servers, waiters and of course, a much expensive food. As a result, your guests will surely experience a lush dining event wherein they receive their food all at the same time. This catering style opens an opportunity for activities such as dance or band performances and even dedication speeches.

Cocktail Style

This catering has also become popular over the years for weddings and other formal events due to its space-saving potential. It also lessens your expenditure since you won’t be serving any main entrées. Here, guests are being served with hors-d’oeuvres and bite-sized food throughout the duration of the event and usually offer hot and cold food options. Meals can be served on a table or have servers walking around the area to offer food for the guests. Cocktail style catering service is recommended if the venue is small.

Family Style

In this kind of setting, guests are being served on their table, like the plated style. The only difference is that meals are served on the table for guests to serve themselves. It can be associated with having dinner in your own house.

Here, guests can get as many servings as they want thus can make this style somehow costly due to the serving sizes and pieces of food that needs to be prepared. This style requires a much larger venue since larger tables and more platters occupy bigger space.

Serve-your-self Style

In this catering style, guests can enjoy a wide selection of cuisines and they have the freedom to choose that they preferred added up the idea that they don’t need to line up to get their food. It’s up to you if you want to have numerous stations serving different food. It is similar to a buffet style catering service but doesn’t require the guests to queue on a single line and have them pass through the same food table since this style sets multiple stations just like the hotel buffet set-ups. It lessens the time of the guest that may need in having to fall in line. You have the freedom to put separate stations for appetizers, entrees, desserts and other food that you want to offer your guests.