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Quick Tips for Choosing Hair Extensions for Your Wedding

Congratulations! You’re about to become a Mrs.

There’s nothing quite as exciting as planning every little detail of your wedding day, especially when you get to plan your look.

There will never be a day when you’ll be photographed more than your wedding day so it’s understandable that you want to look absolutely perfect.

There are so many beautiful wedding hairstyles to choose from but many of them require you to have slightly longer locks. Fortunately, hair extensions make it possible to choose the hairstyle of your dreams.

Now you just need to choose the right type of hair extensions for your big day.

Choosing your wedding hair extensions

The type of hair extensions that you choose will either be permanent or semi-permanent. Let’s look at these options.

Semi-permanent hair extensions

Semi-permanent hair extensions such as clip-in extensions are becoming increasingly popular amongst brides. Clip-in extensions make it super easy to have longer hair for your wedding day and even your honeymoon because you can put them in and remove them whenever you want to.

The only potential downside of clip-in extensions is that they aren’t suited to all types of hairstyles so your options will be limited. On the plus side, they’re perfect if you’re not set on a complicated upstyle and they’re one of the more affordable hair extension options too.

To view some of your clip-in hair extension options, visit

Permanent hair extensions

There are several different types of permanent hair extension options but when it comes to weddings, tape-in hair extensions are best.

Tape-in extensions are incredibly light and look very natural. They’re also ideal for creating almost any hairstyle without the tape being visible, provided they’re installed correctly though.

Tape-in hair extensions can be installed in under an hour and if cared for correctly, will last you up to 12 weeks.

The special tape that is used to attach these types of extensions makes it look like the hair is actually growing out of the scalp.

Your stylist will even be able to colour your extensions to perfectly match your natural hair or the extensions can be used as highlights to give your hair some movement on the day.

Being a bride is stressful enough, which is why it’s important to not only choose high-quality hair extensions but an experienced stylist too.

The problem with purchasing low-quality hair extensions is that once you’ve washed them a few times, they look less and less like your natural hair and they become harder to manage. 100% Remy hair extensions have not been treated and the cuticles are still intact.

Many brides have considered applying and colouring their hair extensions themselves to save money but this is incredibly risky, especially if you’re applying the extensions in the days leading up to your big day. Seek out the services of a salon that specialises in hair extensions so that you can be certain you will have the long, luscious locks you’ve been dreaming of for your wedding day.