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Rustic Wedding: Do more with your budget

Looking for ideas on how to make sure that your wedding is etched into the memories of everyone you hold near-and-dear but not sure if you have the budget?
Well,congratulations as Something-Nice

’s guide to making your special day extravagant without the extravagant price tag is here!

Rustic themed weddings have been gaining traction as of late due to the stunning aesthetic they create on a shoestring budget, proving all that glitters is not gold.

The beauty of a rustic wedding

is the earthly, quaint yet bold creative style it reproduces without the traditionally expensive price tag that more ornamentally decorative items seem to demand in today’s bustling wedding market.

So without further delay — let’s begin to talk about the potential savings that can be made.

The Venue

The place! It’s pivotal when it comes to the theme and feel of your wedding, and luckily with rustic weddings the choice of venue is endless.
If you aren’t afraid of the outdoors, why not have the wedding outside? Weather permitting of course, but even then there are marquees that can give you the best of both worlds; a safe shelter from the weather whilst not restricting the guests plus your own view of all that natural splendour.
Added to all the bonuses of having your wedding outside where applicable, you also won’t be paying for a big fancy venue.

The Arch

Undoubtedly the wedding ceremonies focal point, luckily if your wedding is rustic themed, you can’t really go wrong with what you put up there, if you’ve chosen an outdoor wedding all you need is a good scenic backdrop and a few pieces of wood.

You can even adorn the arch with a few pieces of hessian and some white organza to embellish the natural look that you’re going for. Either Way it will be far more inexpensive than something more lavish, though you’re probably getting a far more captivating aesthetic.

Rustic Tables & Seating

As Long as you’re following a rustic theme you can use a mix and match of items to complete the seating for you’re guests.
Old wooden tables, chairs and benches can work harmoniously to create outstanding and interesting places to sit and enjoy the festivities.
What’s More, it isn’t necessary to dress each table in fabric as you’d just be covering some of the rustic charm and character that you have worked so hard to create with your rustic tables & seating hire.