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Shopping at the Los Angeles Flower Mart

For those that are unaware, Los Angeles is home to not only palm trees and the Hollywood sign, but also to one of the largest flower markets in the country. This is a great place for those lovely soon to be brides that are looking to put together their own wedding flowers. There are so many different options, vendors, styles and flowers sure to make it an absolute dream come true for you. This is a great place to find the perfect wedding florist Los Angeles like Dolce Fiore. To help guide you through the Los Angeles Flower market, we have put together a list of some tips to help you navigate all the flowers, stands and fun.

Do Some Research Before you head on down to the Los Angeles Flower Market, you should do a little research beforehand. Learn about the market, the different vendors and what you are looking for. Most vendors advertise their work online either through their own site or through a social media site like Instagram or Pinterest. Doing some research beforehand can give you an idea of what vendors you really want to check out at the market.

Know The Hours The Los Angeles Flower Market is open Monday from eight am to twelve pm. Tuesdays six am to eleven am. Wednesdays from eight am to twelve pm. Thursdays from six am to twelve pm. Fridays from eight am to two pm. Saturdays from six am to two pm. There is a one dollar entrance fee paid at the door on Saturdays and a two dollar one to go during the week. The Los Angeles Flower Market is located on 754 Wall St, Los Angeles.

Dress Right This is something where you will be walking around a lot and spending a lot of time on your feet. You will want to dress comfortably and wear some shoes that you are okay walking around in for a while.

If you see something you like… Buy it! You never know if something you like will be there the next time you swing around. While the whole purpose of the Los Angeles Flower Market is to give you an opportunity to browse, if you see something that you really like and connect with then buy it. Another great thing about the flower market is that you can talk with the vendor in person and ask if they have anything else available for you to see as well. Sometimes this can lead to you having a completely different and great flower display.