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Sicily the island of many facets and if you are thinking of a great location for your upcoming wedding, think of the Aeolan islands just off the coast from the Sicily itself.

The islands are perfect for nature and history lovers; they have been recognised by UNESCO as a place of importance and reference since 2000.

You can enjoy your time here by taking boat trips and celebrate your wedding in sumptuously preserved and elegant locations.

The Aeolian islands consist of seven islands: Vulcano, Lipari, Salina, Filicudi, Alicudi,

Panarea & Stromboli. All offers amazing things. From the famous and popular Lipari Island which is the biggest to the second biggest, Salina that was once the most important sea salt production site of Italy (from here the name).

Not to miss an evening boat trip to watch the volcano’s amazing eruptions from the sea. Actually Vulcano Island (yes that is the name) is internationally known by geologists coming from all over the world keen to deeper their knowledge.

If you then decide to be here with your spouse and families for a memorable wedding event, then you need us. Yes! You sure need a Wedding planner in Sicily to help arrange your place and stay at the Aeolian Islands. Our job covers everything you want for your wedding and marriage events. As the best and reputable Italian wedding planner London, we plan your event into the smallest details. We also take care of your guests from the minute they step into the island; from their accommodation, their before-the big day parties to arranging boat trips and sightseeings.

How to reach Sicily: main airports are Palermo and Catania; AEolian islands can be then reached by boat from Milazzo. During the summer, more frequent trips are scheduled from Palermo and Messina (in Sicily) and from Reggio di Calabria (the Region on the Toe of Italy)

Alternatively you can fly (or reach by train) Naples, and take the ferry boat from the main city’s harbour.