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The Best Wedding Venue in the United Kingdom Makes a Day to Remember

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When talking about UK wedding venues, Newton Hall is always mentioned. This venue is situated in Northumberland in North East area of UK. They specialize in outdoor weddings that are quite unique. Newton Hall is also used for spectacular corporate events.

Beach wedding

A wedding here is what some call a fantasy destination. Newton Hall has a beach that is perfect for an outdoor wedding with a beach celebration complete with champagne barbecue and vintage-style huts on the beach.

Heart of AONB

Newton Hall is in a beautiful place; in fact many will tell you this is the most beautiful place in the UK. It is in the middle of an area that the National Trust has named an ‘Area of Outstanding Beauty’ (AONB) and brings together the best of a spectacular countryside and a beautiful beach; all of this is only an hour away from larger towns with Newcastle to the south and Edinburgh to the north.

Best man

People, who are part of weddings here, write the best things about this venue. John Wrightson was a Best Man in a wedding held here in September of this year. This is what he wrote about our staff:

“…wanted to email on what a great wedding it was………Everything was beautifully and seamlessly presented by your staff who from beginning to end were so polite,helpful,………The master of ceremony (Ian) was dazzling throughout, a very calming and reassuring guy…!”

Bride and Groom

Read this one written by Hayley & Peter who were married here in August 2017

“……..wetruly can’t put into wordshow flawlessour day was!!! There isn’t anything I would change about it. This venue surpassed all our expectations, how professional, and supportive everyone on the staff was plus how totally stunning everything looked on the best day of our lives…….!!

Wedding in your future

So, if there is a future weddings Northumberland is the location, think about coming to visit us and look around.

Award winners

Oh, by the way Newton Hall is the winner of Best Wedding Venue in the 2017 North East and Yorkshire Wedding Industry Awards. Pat us on the back!