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These Short Hairstyles Are Perfect for Any Wedding

Everybody would probably say that the most important thing for a bride walking toward her groom on her wedding day is her wedding dress — but not me. I believe that it’s the choice of wedding hairstyle. I am one who believe short hair is more stylish than any other hair style. Short hair looks good on every woman no matter her age.

Don’t waste the day with hair

Now the norm is something capacious, lacquered and then adorned with a wedding veil is almost the standard of how a bride should look. But if you have long hair, you will be spending half the day with your hair.


Some women like to wear bangs. If you are wearing bangs and want to have them on your wedding day, you need to have a good cut to begin with. With short haircut there are many ways to style and wear your bangs with the most popular way is to wear side swept bangs. You can wear bangs that are side swept no matter the length but for side swept bangs to look good they must be cut correctly.

Not sure

How to style your bangs is as important as any other facet about your hair. Here are some if you can’t decide

  • Flip

Separate about two-thirds of your hair and then flip it to one side, using your fingers to direct it where you want the bangs to go. You can use a little styling product to keep it all in one way;

  • Side part

Another way is the side part — after you have washed your hair, take a tail comb and use it to comb the part of the hair far to one side. When your hair is dried with a side-part, it will stay that way until you wash it again.

  • Bangs only

Part the hair on one side, next using a round brush to blow-dry bangs in the same direction. Then use hairspray to keep the bangs in place.

  • Side swept

Sweep bangs to the side you usually wear them and with a brush put it in place with a help of a hairdryer.

My best advice — go to a hair salon to get help with your cut.