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Tips for Choosing Wedding Flowers in Baltimore

Planning a colorful wedding in Baltimore? Well, it will not be complete without a visit to the Baltimore florist to pick out the prettiest flowers for the occasion. Does that sound intimidating? Here are a few tips to help you do this.

Borrow Ideas

If you just do not know which flowers to choose, look through magazines and online photos and borrow ideas from them. You might also check your friends’ wedding pictures and seek the advice of the best florist in Baltimore.

Set a Budget

Weddings can be expensive and if you do not set a budget you might end up spending money you do not have. With a ballpark idea of how much you can afford, you can decide whether you want high-end exotic flowers from flower delivery Baltimore, or more seasonal, locally grown flowers.

Decide on a Theme

The theme of the wedding will make it easier to choose the flowers that will create that theme. When you have a wedding consultation with same day delivery flowers Baltimore you and the florist can discuss options, and decide which flowers and colors to use.

Co-ordinate the Flowers with the Dresses

You do not want to have the flowers clashing with the bridal gown or the attendants’ dresses, so ensure they complement them. That does not mean they have to be the same color, just colors that enhance the gowns. The best flower delivery Baltimoreshould be able to show you different combinations of flowers to help you choose the colors you like best.

Something for the Groom

Flowers are not just for the bride, so make a good choice for the groom as well. The flower shop in Baltimore will be able to provide a stylish boutonniere for the groom to wear.

Make a Choice According to the Season

The season may determine the availability of the wedding flowers Baltimore shops would have. If your wedding is in spring, summer or fall, you can incorporate fresh, locally grown blooms. They’ll be hardy and healthy, and will cost less than imported exotic flowers. Still, if your heart is set on orchids or calla lilies, it can be prudent to use just a few for the bride’s bouquet and one or two other pieces.

Give the Bride’s Bouquet Priority

If there is any set of flowers you must get right, it is the bridal bouquet. You will be seeing the bouquet in your photos for years! Everything must be perfect about it. As you order from flowers & fancies Baltimore,ensure that you take the time to work with them to get the bride’s bouquet planned well.

Don’t Overdo it

The saying ‘less is more’ applies here. A few large, elegant arrangements will make a bigger impact than small displays everywhere. Just the right amount of flowers will make a striking statement and brighten up the occasion. Work with the florist in Owning Mills to transform your reception into a place of beauty and elegance, instead of just a wedding venue.

Hopefully, this article has made it easier for you to make a choice and you can now contact flower delivery Ownings Mills MD to arrange the flowers of your choice.