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Tips for Saving Money on Wedding Reception Venues

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Not all couples have a big budget on their special day. Sometimes, it’s better to compromise than end up being bankrupt. As you know, weddings are expensive if you will not take time to plan everything. Good thing, there are tips on how you can cut costs on wedding reception venues. Here are the things to help you:

Get one location for the ceremony and reception

To save money on transportation, host the ceremony and the reception in one place. A lot of people are already doing this to avoid wasting time on the road. Some wedding reception venues offer discounts if you choose to host the ceremony there.

Make sure you choose the best celebrant Gold Coast for a meaningful ceremony and choose a place big enough to accommodate all your guests. It is also great to host the ceremony outdoors and set up the reception in a function room. This way, the weather cannot ruin the food, music and setup.

Consider getting a small wedding

Cut the number of guests and just invite the closest friends and family. This is the best way to save money on your big day. If the wedding reception venues offer catering, you may be charged per person. Imagine how much would it cost to if you invite more than 100 people.

Never get married in peak season

Spring and autumn are two of the most popular season for weddings. This is because the weather is lovely, and the flowers are blossoming. If this is the setup you want, just schedule the celebration a few weeks before the season ends and hire wedding videography Brisbane to capture the best moment of your life. With this, you can go with the last week of October or early weeks of April.

Remember that venues are starting to get fully booked during the peak season so make sure to reserve at least five to six months before the event.

Author: Carrie Sze