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Tips to Save Money on Your Wedding Menu and Venue Costs

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Today is the era of lavish weddings and every couple wants to get married into a royal and unique style. So couples of substance spend boatloads of money into their one special day. But, for an average income person, it can be a costly affair. Form purchasing wedding outfits, hiring a five star venue and the best wedding catering company are the crucial portions of the budget. Sometimes the wedding couples’s desires do not match with their planned budget, here where the trouble begins. To avoid this from happening, you can apply a few tricks to shrink your probable expenditure on the venue and the menu. A few tips are rationalized that you should consider:

  1. Consider the date and time

Highly sought-after dates and days of the week are expensive for apparent reasons. Take an example of evening wedding is more costly than a brunch or afternoon wedding, not only due to higher catering expenses for dinner, but also because folks tend to drink less during the daytime. Moreover, in night marriages, lighting and décor expenses increase the budget.

  1. Opt a conventional wedding venue

Choosing a five stars or creative venue can punch a big hole in your pocket. Purchasing props and plenty of rentals to make the selected place into a wedding venue may cost more than sticking to an all-inclusive venue.

  1. Pick up a venue that can also host your reception

If you are planning to host a reception party after your wedding, it is a great idea to select a venue where you can also host your reception too. In this way, you can negotiate with venue owner for two functions as well as it will save your transportation and decoration cost.

  1. Simplify your menu

Reduce the number of overall dinner courses and keep your menu simple can influence your budget a lot. Choosing three courses can cost you less than serving five individual courses. Beside it sticks with the season’s and the region’s food stuff.

  1. Consider the guest list size

Every occasion becomes special, if all the near and dear ones get involved. Cutting down the guest list is quite difficult, but it can save your big bucks. When you send invites to fewer guests and feed a small crowd can make a big difference in your budget. In addition, the cost of renting seats also will be diminished.