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Top 4 Tips to Make Your Pre-Wedding Photo shoot Successful

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One of the best things to make your wedding or engagement memorable is a photo shoot. You can store your beautiful memories forever and feel special whenever you see them. Pre-wedding and engagement photo shoot is also a great way to start a wedding photo timeline, then can be used for wedding announcements and wedding stationery. Even many wedding photo shoot packages have a pre-wedding photo-shoot as a part to make your wedding photo collection more meaningful and reminiscence. If you are in Singapore or planning to have a photo shoot for wedding Singapore or pre-wedding photo shoot, choose a good photographer and here some tips to make it successful.


Locations like gardens, museums, artsy backdrops, parks, and candy shops are attractive places of pre-wedding photo shoots. But don’t get confused while choosing a location, you can choose the one where you first met, or place that connects you and your life partner. Choosing such places adds even more reminiscence to your photos. Apart from the meaningful location, consider the style of the location that goes well with your attire and looks dramatic.


Choose the outfits that look good on you and choose the solid color clothing. Prints and patterns tend to attract attention away from your face. Wearing a solid and right color of clothing also helps you stand out from the background. It is not a good idea to go with the trendy fashion clothing for a pre-wedding photo shoot, because they might seem outdated after a few years.

Time for the Photo shoot

It is better to start your pre-wedding shoot soon after engagement so that you get a long time design your photos and spend some loveable time before the wedding. The time of day for the outdoor shoot is best in the morning or the late afternoon, these times have fewer glares that are easy to enhance. If you are considering some indoor shoots like a coffee shop or shopping mall, call them and inquire about the shoot and get your place booked before-hand.

Hair and Makeup

Get a natural makeup for your pre-wedding shoot. As natural beauty can express your emotions and love in the photos. Do not go with something drastic or new style that can change your natural style.