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Top Wedding Mistakes That You Should Avoid At All Costs

Your wedding day is one of the happiest moments of your life. It is that particular day that you dream about for years, where you are made to feel like a celebrity with all the limelight and attention as you walk the aisle. It is one day when you would not want anything to go wrong and would want everything to be as perfect as it could be. However, there is hardly a wedding ceremony that goes on smoothly. Although one cannot do much about things that are beyond one’s control, such as an unexpected thunderstorm on the wedding day, there are still a lot of wedding day problems that can be easily avoided.

Pay Attention to Your Styling Budget

Budgeting is essential during your wedding planning because you will have a lot of expenses to cater to even after you are done with the wedding. It is very common for most brides to end up overspending on their fashion and styling budget. It is easy to get tempted to splurge on a designer gown because you feel it fits your budget. However, remember that your fashion and styling budget does not include the dress alone. Add expenses related to shoes, accessories, hair and makeup and top that with taxes that you will be paying on the tag price. If you have ordered a customized dress that will be shipped to you, add up the shipping charges too. Your fashion budget should cover all these heads and not only will gown, or else you end up in the negatives. affordable san antonio discount granite countertops.

Choose Backups

You have hired your florist a year before and have demanded a particular type of bloom or flower that might not be available on your wedding day. Since a lot of heads are planned, it is essential that you give your vendors alternatives and backups if something of your first choice cannot be arranged. This will save both the parties from last minute stressors and will allow more flexibility to your vendors.

Trust Your Vendors and Planners

Whether you are into DIY wedding planning or you have hired a wedding planner, your planners, florists, stylists, and caterers know their jobs, and you need to trust them with what they are doing. It is tempting to get involved in every process but trying to micromanage everyone will not only irk them and can distract them, but it can also stress you out. A tug of war of decision making can spoil an otherwise perfectly executed therefore you better focus on your self and let others do their jobs.

Avoid Discussing Everything with Everyone

Getting married is exciting, and it is fun to discuss every detail about your wedding planning with people you know. However, you would not want to hear “Oh! That kind of gown won’t suit you” a week before your big day when you have invested so much in it. Different people will bombard you with their own opinions, and that will only stress and confuse you. Have faith in what you have planned and avoid discussing it with everyone.