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Out of Town Gift Bags — The Perfect Wedding Welcome Gift

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Your wedding guests will come from near and far for your special day and nothing says, “Welcome” more than a thoughtful out of town gift bag, also known as OOT bags. Imagine the delight of your out of town wedding guests when they’re greeted upon arrival with a gift bag full of goodies, chosen especially with them in mind. Aunt Minnie and Uncle Tom from Iowa would love a local “I love the Bahamas” souvenir T-shirt or a travel guide to make them feel right at home.

It’s your big day, and your guests know you planned literally hundreds of details to make it the perfect occasion. That’s just one reason why adding the caring touch of an out of town gift bag will have a special meaning for them. They will sincerely appreciate having this personal “thank you” from you and your groom. Even if you’ve already chosen favors for your guests, OOT bags can still be given separately.

Now that you’ve decided to honor your guests with this special treat, just how do you create an out of town gift bag? Let’s start with budget. OOT bags can be as simple or elaborate as your wedding expenses allow. The amount you choose to spend will determine the scope of the “out of town gift bag” ideas you include.

First, decide whether all of your OOT bags will be the same. If you need options to accommodate special guests and the wedding party, you might want to reserve a larger part of your budget for these.

Once you know your budget, deciding on the type of bag or container for your “out of town gift bag” is the first step and sometimes most challenging. Options might include a basket or a tote bag — and if you can find one made by local artisans, that could be so much the better! However, if the budget doesn’t allow for that, don’t worry. You can find many lovely inexpensive tote bags with an icon of the location in its design or pretty baskets.

So, exactly what goes into an out of town gift bag? Well, think about what you would like to have when you visit a place you’ve never been. Your wedding guests will also greatly appreciate items such as guides to local attractions that they could explore on their own time or a listing of local restaurants. Other items could be an itinerary of the wedding events, as well as delicious and locally prepared goodies.

For presentation, have the OOT bag waiting for your guests in their hotel room. Alongside, a special note from you welcoming them to your wedding destination and thanking them for taking the time to come and sharing in your special moments.