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What to Know Before Hiring a Wedding Planner?

Many couples decide to hire a professional wedding planner to organize their wedding ceremony. The lack of time, budget or clear ideas is some of the reasons why the future couple opts for this route. In some countries the figure of the wedding planner is not as well-known as there are relatively few. Today, on our wedding site, we give you advice that can help you make a safe engagement. From a Wedding Planner this is perfect.

Tips for Hiring a Wedding Planner

To hire a wedding planner you need to take into account the following:

  • Your way of communicating with you, that is, whether it will be by email, phone or messages. In the same way, be clear how much time you have to attend to yourself and what will be needed to solve a doubt. Depending on the communication you want to have with it, you should seek a professional that meets your needs.
  • Find out if you work for yourself or have a team. Depending on the size of your guest list, you should consider that the wedding planner has a staff so that it can cover all important aspects of the marriage.
  • Make sure that the wedding planner is a professional and always has a plan B in case of unforeseen or emergency situations that have to be resolved in a short time.
  • Clear budget. The wedding planner should make clear the extra costs that you will have with suppliers, services needed and that everything is within the budget that you have agreed to.

Answer the questions you ask your wedding planner safely. If the wedding planner knows what kind of event you want to do specifically it will be easier for the service to suit your taste. The wedding planner should get involved and care about the success of your marriage.

Looking for the best wedding planner you can turn to social networks or forums where people think so you can find clear references. You can request your resume and must take into account that in many places there are no official Wedding Planning studies, although there are intensive courses. You can have some of these studies: public relations, event management, tourism or protocol. You can also see how you work, since most wedding planners have a blog where they publish some of their work.

List of guests

Do not forget the list of guests, you will touch this list several times, put names and take, but to define some things you need to have this list and a more or less certain number of guests. So sit down with your fiancé and write down the names of all people, all of them, even children.

Pay close attention to contracts

Our last quick tip on how to plan a wedding is: Be very careful about closing contracts. You will sign contract with many suppliers, with people of invitation, music, hall, ceremonial, well married, among others.