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Why Are Diamonds the Preferred Stone for Bridal Sets

Diamonds are the women’s best friends, is a common saying. The glitter, the style and the innovative ways of cuts and settings you see at EraGem offer the ways of making jewelry that stand out in appeal. Though there are various precious stones available for setting in the rings, but diamonds are the first choice normally if you can afford it. Here are some tips along with some explanation to why most people prefer diamons.

Exclusivity: Real diamonds are mined in limited regions of the world. So, what you are wearing might be the only one of its type and style. It is not affordable for one and all. This makes this a right token of expressing love, as the guy gets the chance to flaunt the financial capability to start the married life too.

Stylish cuts: Diamonds become more rare owing to the cuts like emerald cut, topaz cut, marquise cut, oval cut and so on. The style of cutting is chosen mainly to assure that the diamond oozes the brilliance in the best way. The cuts are chosen to complement the ring design too. Thus, bridal jewellery and wedding sets are made using diamonds so that the bride can look most stylish amongst all.

Interesting colors: Diamonds are not white or colorless always. The rarity takes another leap when these are made in other hues such as ice, champagne, charcoal, blue or brown. These lovely colors are certainly not possible to find at a regular jeweler. Also, you may get the charm of colorful precious stones like ruby, emerald and sapphire in the diamond ring with exclusive colors.

Style of settings: The way diamond is set on the ring or jewellery can also add to its exquisite look. Pave setting, prong setting, bezel setting, are some of the common ones. These settings offer the safety to the diamond. The other function is to ensure that diamond sparkles its best in the setting. Not to mention, it certainly enhances the beauty of the jewelry. So, if you are looking for something truly eye-catching, see the sample in various settings before picking the one for the jewellery set.

Diamond jewellery is exclusive just like the moment when you choose to spend whole of your life with the person you love. Such important occasion needs to be celebrated with oodles of perfection, and diamonds offer that element with no doubt. Everything about diamonds is unique and rare, that is why, these make the best element to go with rings for bride and for her jewelry.