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Why Orchids are the Perfect Last Minute Flower Gift — 4 Reasons

You know it’s the birthday of your friend tomorrow, but you just couldn’t find the time to buy a gift. Now you are feeling the pressure as you glance through the gift aisle in your nearby store. Well, don’t give up! Gifting flowers via flower delivery in Berkeley is a great idea, no matter the occasion. Orchids are a great last-minute gift because of the following reasons:

Orchids Last Longer:

A bouquet or floral arrangement of orchids is a gift that anyone would love. Cut flowers, in general, will perish after a few days from the day of purchase. However, orchids tend to last longer, even when they are cut flowers. It is possible to extend the life of orchids through proper maintenance and care, so that the recipient shall cherish it for long. Here are the steps to care for cut flowers:

  1. Place the fresh orchids in a clean vase at lease half-filled with water mixed with flower food
  2. Cut an inch of the stem at an angle underwater to facilitate water absorption.
  3. Remove leaves and debris, if any, under the waterline to prevent bacterial growth.
  4. Make sure to replace the water once in a while and cut the stem while doing so. A Berkeley florist usually provides flower food with the bouquet to help them last longer.

A Gift that Adds a Personal Touch:

When you choose something random and give it at the last minute, the recipient might probably feel a tad disappointed. But when you gift orchids at any time, they feel valued and know that you care a lot for them. Orchids are flowers that symbolize a number of personal emotions such as love and affection, admiration, respect, and more. You could even ask the best florist in Berkeley CA for ideas as to how you could personalize the gift.

Easy to Care:

A variety of plants are great choices of gifts, but not all of them are easy to care for or maintain. If you are giving a plant to someone who is really bad at flower or plant maintenance, orchids will be a great choice. One doesn’t have to spend much time in taking care of it. All you need to do is proper watering as well as implementing fundamental flower care such as proper temperature, sunlight exposure, and so on.

Orchids are Great Conversation Starters:

Orchid plants and floral arrangements are simply eye-appealing, and grab anyone’s attention. They add style and grace to any environment. They not only have the ability to complement your interior décor, but are also great conversation starters with regards to flower care, plant facts and benefits, and more.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick a bouquet of beautiful orchids and have them delivered via flower delivery in Berkeley to your friend tomorrow. They’re going to love it!